TaKo Electronics KaNiKo

Class A Integrated Amplifier


TaKo Electronics KaNiKo

Class A Integrated Amplifier

TaKo Electronics タコ電子


The TaKo Electronics KaNiKo Integrated amplifier is probably the Best compact Integrated Amplifier in its price range in the market. The simplicity & sleek design of this compact integrated amplifier is precisely hand-built in ❤️Hong Kong❤️. It Features a Balanced tube preamp and Class A MOSFET power amp in its compact case.

5-inch large high-resolution color LCD touch screen display for extreme versatility and easy control of the amplifier. Preamp and power amp can be operated separately.

The Best of both world

KaNiKo Amplifier with ATC SCM7v2

The KaNiKo Combines Warm and sweet Vacuum tube preamp and powerful Class A solidstate power amp benefits advantage of both device topology . 

The Preamp of KaNiKo features a wide bandwidth (400Khz -1db) vacuum tube single stage hybrid low feedback preamp uses 2x12AT7/ECC81 (western brand NOS tube included). Vacuum tube with full power on/off sequence control eliminate warming up offset voltage that may harm the power amp and speaker. tube life also can be extended. High Quality Phono stage is integrated. Phono stage of KaNiKo uses ultralow noise Linear Technology OPAMP as amplification device.

The Balanced High current discrete push-pull class A power amplifier can drive most power hunger speakers. The input stage powers by Toshiba low noise JFET and Power stage uses 3pairs of MOSFET as which runs approximately 1Amp of quiescent current per channel. It Deliver 12W(8ohm) in Class A region and 18A of Class A peak current. While the amplifier leaves its Class A region it delivers approx. 30W(8ohm) ,60W(4ohm),90W(2ohm). All the transistors are precisely selected and matched. Speaker protect is featuring Ultralow impedance MOSFET relay for the robustness and quick response compares to the traditional mechanical relay. The whole system safely monitors amplifier temperature, current consumption and speaker loading status in digital domain and in analog domain partially.

Class A Mosfet Poweramp PCB
Vacuum tube Preamp (Telefunken tube recommended)

Extremely Versatility

KaNiKo 5inches touchscreen display

A 5 inches high resolution color touch screen control all the function. The Precision optical rotary encoder volume control knob provides silky smooth feeling has no comparation to the traditional analog volume knob with infrared remote control. It uses discrete Vishay Precision metal film resistor with Analog Device low impedance CMOS switch. The volume control preserves constant input impedance which is superior to traditional volume pot or any commercial IC. The volume is 1000 steps which attenuates the signal in 0.1db per step. 4-layer PCB to ensure the shortest signal path in volume circuit.

Easy to read 5inches touch screen LCD displays all information and accesses all the functions of the amplifier. The control system is fully electrically isolated from audio circuit. electrically isolated from audio circuit.

Power Supply and connectivity

Internal view of KaNiKo
Back panel of KaNiKo

The power supply of the amplifier using 200W custom R core transformer with separate winding. TaKo Electronics selects High & finest quality Capacitor bank. All Power supply wiring is heavy gauge Silver platted Teflon wire.



Voulme control Attenuation:100db(0.1db step)
14db (preamp mode)
Frequency response:10Hz~400KHz(-1db)
Inputs:Line level x3, Phono x1 , record monitor x1
Outputs: Record out x1 , Preamp out x 1(selectable)



Power output:30W(8Ω) ,60W(4Ω),90W(2Ω)
Damping Factor:255
Frequency response:300Khz(-3db@1W)
Total Harmonic Distortion:0.5%(1KHz@rated output)

Power supply

Mains: 100V/110V/220V@50~60Hz
Power consumption:200W max.