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EBi2 Direct interpolation DAC(Discontinued)

The EBi2 is the major update version of the reputed EBi DAC.
it is using advanced digital processing to archive to use the classic Philips TDA1543 DAC chip on almost all of modern Hi-Res audio source seamlessly. Reproduce sound of the golden age with modern Hi-Res audio source. it is also compatible with mobile operating system such as iPhone and android gives highest flexibility to the digital source and
preserve the most natural sound of the precious true multibit DAC.The system construction also have lots of improvement .the main DAC is now build on 4layers circuit board which only using on precision instrument or high end audio equipment. New Single ended zero feedback Class A output stage with high voltage power supply also pushes the TDA1543 to the new level .

Advanced Digital Processing

The unique advanced digital processing system of EBi2 employ A single chip high speed custom made, application specific integrated circuit to process all of the Digital signals such as system control,input select,digital Signal processing…Etc. All of the digital signals are just run thought a single piece of silicon. The clock of the CPLD is Synchronize with the digital audio clock which can be eliminated. The non-synchronize clock noise from the micro-controller in Most traditional DAC configuration. The system will measure the real time Sampling frequency and display on the front Panel LED.

Digital inputs

EBi2Compatible with any sample/bit rate from 44.1Khz/16bit to 192Khz/24bit on any input. USB2.0/Coaxial/Optical are available for various
Digital signals.The Asychonize USB input compatible with various Operating system such as Windows, MacOS and Linux. Under Windows , ASIO is supported by the driver. MacOs and Linux are natively supported. Mobile operating system such as Apple iOS and android are also supported.


The Cabinet of the EBi2 is Slim(40mm) , compact and solid. It is manufacture by using CNC machined aluminum alloy. The entire cabinet even screw are non-magnetic which eliminated the interference from the unwanted magnetic field.  

Power Supply

The core of the power supply of the EBi2 is provided by the low noise fully encapsulated toroidal transformer which have separated windings for digital and analog Circuitry to prevent noise of digital section may Interference the analog signal The Digital power supply using total 14,400uf of Panasonic low impedance Capacitor which can compare To a small power amplifier. The circuit also Employs Schottky Barrier diode to eliminate the noise of rectify circuit. The High voltage analog power supply using Philips(now Vishay) Capacitor due to our listening test.

D/A Converter

The D/A converter of the EBi2 is using 4 raptured Philips ladder type Instead of modern low cost pulse(delta/sigma) type DAC.four DACs are in parallel , the performance of the DAC is about 2xbetter than single DAC configuration. The EBi2 is a digital filter less DAC with direct interpolation. Classic non-oversampling and direct interpolation can be select on the fly. The direct interpolation can is time multiplexed the digital signal to get the smoother sine wave like digital filter does but it wont have ringing on impulse response which bring harsh to the sound.

Glass Epoxy 4layers Circuit board

The EBi2 is using 4layers Circuit which is only using in precision testing equipment and high class audio. It eliminated the interference between circuits, also there are dedicated layer for power and ground, lower impedance to preserve purity and dynamics of the sound. All the trace of the circuit board are carefully draw by hand with round corner which is suitable for audio signal.

Output Section

The Output Section of EBi2 is a Single-ended Class A active output,using Toshiba low-noise precision matched JFETs(junction field effect transistor) with Vishay ultra stable low noise thin-film resistor. The mute circuit also using relay instead of transistor which degrade audio circuits.

TaKo Electronics Selected parts

TaKo Electronics selected parts included Philips and Sanyo Capacitor, precision surface mount thin film resistor, Vishay precision film resistor are selected after long-term evaluation. Audio wire are 99.99% oxygen free silver plated.